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Interwiev with Thomas Jirgens Jewelsmith at Kosttor 1 Munich VIP jeweler goldsmith master of rare precious stones jewelry from Munich


Precious Instinct: Exclusive Interview With Luxury Jeweller Thomas Jirgens


In this interview, we have a discussion with Thomas Jirgens, Munich luxury jeweler and the owner of Thomas Jirgens Juwelenschmiede, where he forges only the finest materials into jewellery. He puts great emphasis into the compatibility between the jewels and the skin tone, facial structure and eye colour of his customers. Jewellery should resonate with the person wearing it and reflect their allure.

Thomas Jirgens creates jewelry of genuine authenticity whose beauty won't fade over time - jewelry made to be passed on from generation to generation. Thomas is not looking at making jewelry — for him its merely a medium used to express his creativity. Rather he focusses on encouraging people to slow down, look, listen and feel. Being material agnostic, for him, the design and creative process are more important than the work's physical aspects. He shares that the intangible elements such as reflections, volume – the oblivion – make the jewelry piece what it is. That is what he constantly strives to achieve too. Thomas continually challenges his skills, intellectually and technically, as all his designs are editioned pieces–not to make them exclusive, but to push him to innovate and evolve the wearable pieces of art perpetually. 


Why did you choose to become a Jeweler?

It was the love for gemstones, their magical aura and the immortality of their colors which never fade.


What skills do you rely on most in your everyday work?

On my profound knowledge of the making of jewelry and my keen eye for shapes and proportions.


What is the most difficult part of being a Jeweler?

Creating the right piece of jewelry for a woman. For this, the shape and color scheme must perfectly match the proportions and complexion of her face or hand.


What are the qualities of a good Jeweler?

First and foremost, comprehensive knowledge of how to work with and process precious stones and metals. Followed by the artistic maturity to create distinctive, recognizable jewelry.


What is your greatest accomplishment in your career?

Expanding my design horizons beyond my cultural boundaries to understand women of foreign cultures and to be able to create jewelry that meets their preferences.


How would you describe your work style?

Jewelry made by me is meant to last the centuries and continue to appear timeless and contemporary to future generations, without needing to be redesigned because it is no longer considered fashionable.


Tell us more about how did you get inspired to create the new winter collection “Elements”?

The serenity of winter in Europe, the slumber of nature and the scarcity of light are reflected in the gray and black materials. The soft, matte sheen of slate also goes well with the textiles worn on cold winter days and during long winter nights. For me, the appeal of this season lies in its pared-down, quiet "glam".


 What is the most rewarding part of being a Jeweler?

Advising a woman who already knows a lot about herself and her style, and to be able to help her optimize it through my work and thus give her joy.


Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I see an expansion of my expertise and presence in the Middle East, but simultaneously also more time for my other hobbies aside from gemstones and jewelry.


What do you like most about being a Jeweler?

The appeal of working with immortal materials. Gemstones are timeless and manifest high energies. Understanding them and dedicating them to my clients is an alchemical activity that also opens up a connection to God for me.


Katerina Leroy


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